Uluwatu: Best beaches and things to do

May 2014

Driving down to Uluwatu was an adrenaline packed experience. It was kind of a Mario Kart video game zigzagging through thousands of scooters. Some of them packed with up to 5 people on just one scooter! Very impressive. Keep your front and back eyes wide open.


Uluwatu area is world renowned for its many surf breaks. It also has beautiful beaches, sea cliffs, temples, good vibes, and great food definitely one of our favorite spots in Bali. We stayed in a Balinese style guesthouse called Gobleg Inn. You can get a room for around 120.000rp-150.000rp. There is Wi-Fi and cold showers, don’t worry you are not going to crave for a hot one! Once again it’s all about your bargaining skills so prices may vary (Stu was a pro). Our trip was during low season (best time to go) so it was a bit cheaper.

For us the “go to” restaurant was one on the corner across from the main temple entrance, with a big outdoor area to sit and amazing food and banana, chocolate and ice cream pancake.


Uluwatu Beach

This breathtaking Cliffside village is the casual hangout of all the surfers/backpackers in the area. Steep steps built into the cliff descend to the town and even further into the cave that opens up to the ocean. The beach is only accessible during low tides and swimming is not recommended as they’re strong currents and waves. Watch world-class surfers while sipping Bintang and eating local fruit from one of the many Cliffside café/restaurants. Here it’s easy to spend days on end in leisurely bliss. Wi-Fi is available as well.

Uluwatu Temple

Warning: Naughty monkeys!

To go into the temple you need to cover your legs with a sarong and carry a stick. Why? Sarong is for religious respect, stick is for

the pesky monkeys to respect you. Try to avoid taking any purses, sunglasses, watches, etc., because the monkeys love to steal everything they can. Take your camera of course but hide it from them. The temple itself is stunning not to mention the great views of the bay. Go a little before sunset. That will provide time to explore the temple and see a gorgeous sunset. The traditional fire dancing show is well worth the expense.

For refreshment get fresh coconuts for 10000rp from the sweet ladies in the parking lot. We would go every morning just for coconuts (hint: you don’t have to pay entrance fee if your just going for the nuts).


Pedang Pedang

Very popular beach since featured in “Eat, Pray and Love” book. Go for a refreshing swim to the cave at high tide. You can also check the umbrellas for some shopping (Looots of sarongs).

WATCH OUT for the monkeys here as well, they will try to steal your stuff while swimming, so a good tip: don’t set up too

close to the cliffs.


Here you can stay at the bungalows at the beach. On the right side, you can float for hours next to this gorgeous cliff. And on the left side you have the surf. You can buy used surfboards for around 900rp anywhere around.




You’ll have to park in the parking lot and walk through nice hotels/retreats. We found a beautiful Yoga Resort before the beach, called The Temple Lodge. It has amazing architecture with a beautiful orchid hanging garden, where we sat for a smoothie in their terrace with the incredible view of cliffs and beaches. You can probably stay for 50usd a night and it’s amazing!


We choose to stay on the beach, literally. We found this cute place for around 110.000rp with a room with ocean views. And when the sun comes down they set up tables on the beach, super romantic, where you can enjoy fresh fish and calamari (one plate to share, and it’s a lot, is around 60.000rp and 70.000rp, depends on the size). Super delicious!! One of the best meals we had in Bali.

See you next time..

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