Things to See and Do in San Telmo

Dec 2015

San Telmo is one of the oldest neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. It is  recognized for its original facades and décor. Known for a lively Tango and Art scene among one of the best antique and street fair markets in the city. On Sundays the stone cobbled roads of Defensa St. are filled with colorful vendors and wide-eyed patrons from around the world.

In the center is Plaza Dorrego where you can find a variety of restaurants and bars as well as couples dancing Tango in the park. Walk through the “Paseo de las Historietas” (Comic Lane) to find the statues of one of the most be-loved comic characters of Argentina such as Mafalda and Gaturro, among others.




On Estados Unidos St., between Bolivar St. and Defensa St., go for the “Mercadito de San Telmo”, a market offering plenty of cute little antique shops filled with merchandise from historical Argentina.




We were lucky enough to enjoy a beautiful sunny Sunday among the vibrant people in the streets. Kaia and Belu danced to lively street bands playing the trumpets, drums, and guitars. Meanwhile I sipped fresh squeezed orange juice and ate pan relleno (cheesy bread). We found many amusing Argentinean characters among the crowd.




To finish an eventful day we listened to a child “folklore” orchestra tucked between an old church and a beautiful school. Eating empanadas and hearing the “charango” in that patio was a true Argentinian cultural experience for the entire family.




So whether you are looking for small fashion boutiques, old trinkets, fun art, street music, cultural experiences, or museums you will definitely find it here!

See you later!

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