Rottenest Island -Perth

Nov 2013

Our next job was on the tiny island of Rottenest, a short ferry ride from the city of Perth. All of us found work at the Rottnest Island Hotel, where accommodation and food was included. We worked a lot of hours at the restaurant, but luckily with an amazing gang of people (lots of different nationalities) from which we took many memories.

No cars are allowed so instead bikes are the main transportation. You can ride around the whole island in one day. Actually we did, I was unhappy as it was quite an unexpected workout hehe… but worth it as you go around gorgeous bays with white sandy beaches.


While staying there we had our first experience with the Quokkas. It resembles something between and mini kangaroo and a rat. They would fight us for the leftover scraps from customers. You literally had to rip the pizza from their little paws. They constantly snuck into the restaurant to entertain the diners. It was a special love-hate relationship that we’ll never forget.





Perth is a modern small city, very artistic with many restaurants to try around and a big park, perfect to watch sunsets. We didn’t stay here much just came for a few days to visit friends and pick up our friend Juli!(argie from Maui)



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