Road Trip In Western Australia: Best sights and some funny stories

Oct 2013

Over packed in Margarita with Frankie (stu’s bro) and Emma (English mate) we head out from Broome for a new adventure. Our first night was in the middle of the desert. Waking up to thousands of flies… not much fun at that moment but feeling the wilderness.


Day 2: Karratha. We drove for many, many hours. It might take you less hours than us, but Margarita was too sensitive and we had to take care of her… at 80km/hr… on a straight road. Karratha doesn’t have much to offer but a very appreciated swimming pool at a campsite. Didn’t I mention it was 40 degrees Celsius with 100% humidity? Hehe.

Ready for our next step and…Margarita broke down! (Alternator issue) Ok we didn’t have the best start but it was all meant to be… you’ll find out later*. So here is where the “Little Miss Sunshine” Australian version of the movie begins. Trying to find a mechanic was almost impossible. So, we had to head back to Port Headland. A town of reasonable size we had passed along the way. How? With Frankie’s muscles and Emma’s and I moral support pushing Margarita and hopping in once Stu was able to start it. Another trick we learnt was looking for a hill to park her on… not many I had to say but less pushing.

So after heading to the mechanic, we got Margarita back on track! And we were in the perfect spot to go to this fantastic national park called Karijini (*that we would have missed if its wasn’t for the struggle J). Let the pictures talk by itself about this magic place:

After camping a night at the park we head out to the next town: Exmouth. We stayed for a few nights at the National Park. Another beautiful place to explore around, do snorkel and chill at the different beaches. It’s not recommended to go on the wet season (October onwards), not because of the rain (because there’s not rain at all) but because of the plague of flies! We tried to cope with them with different alternatives: the “trendy Australian fly hat” (with the net), fly repellent (don’t even try it … it’s a fools trap), fly sticky strings hanging in every space available at the van, etc.

Nothing worked quite well so after a few days we head to our next stop: Blow Holes!

Coral Bay, as the name says, it’s a sandy bay with perfect turquoise water for snorkeling and swimming. We crashed for several days… and gained some weight after trying the delicious bakery with all its pies and pastries. Randomly, we celebrated the Melbourne Cup Day here. An annual public holiday dubbed as “the race that stops the nation”. You can bet on many types of races, like horse-race, dog and crab… yes crab! One of the most popular and very exiting race… very funny.


We drove up and down until we got to this camping place called Monkey Mia and Margarita decided to take a rest. As soon as we got there Margarita stop running and the funny thing was having to push her to our camping spot through the people campsites. With no stress we crushed for another few days enjoying the pool and the dolphins every morning. That’s right, huge dolphins that would come every day to the shore for some fish and then play with you while kayaking. Also playing many cards games like hearts and Egyptian-rat-screw, the sponsored game of the trip which I could never win… Ah! Let’s not forget about the pelicans, funny characters that would hang out with us at shore, and the Emus, that would steal our food. Some of many other interesting Australia’s creatures.


After hitchhiking back and forth, we got Margarita fixed and went back to work!


Keiki On Board 🙂

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