Pura Ulun Danu Temple: Bali Attractions

After wondering on the beach side for a week we decided to hop on our scooter and head up the mountain to the north. The weather got a little bit chillier. We got to this beautiful village around a big lake with a charming temple. We stayed for a few nights at the Ashram Hotel. We had a beautiful view from the lake and the temple. We were offered a canoe to watch the sunrise in the morning, which was super worth it. You get to see the temple from the lake and get very nice pictures.





We got a room for around 250.000rp. The area is a little bit more expensive than the rest but it’s super nice.

Also they have a big market where you can shop lots of stuff and buy bunnies. We thought they were for pets but they make it pretty clear that was for food. So sad, we almost (and we should had) got one to save it but it got complicated (there was no more space between the belly and the many bags we were carrying on the scooter).


Keiki On Board

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