Other Neighborhoods not to miss in Buenos Aires!

Dec 2015

La Boca

Another day in Buenos Aires waking up at noon hehe.. We decided to dedicate the day to stroll around the streets of La Boca with the company of Pato and Pepe (Belu’s lovely mom and wonderful step-dad).

To describe La Boca in simple words: it’s the splash of color in the city. We walked through the famous “Caminito”, a walkway next to the port. Within the Caminito are the “Conventillos”, big buildings with communes where a lot of families used to live. They all shared the common areas. The most striking feature of Boca is how they painted each wall a different color. The story says that when ships would arrive to the port they would leave the extra paint and the humble people would use it to paint their houses.


In La Boca you’ll find plenty of art, BBQs, and people dancing Tango in the streets. There are also a few museums worth a visit such as Proa, La Usina del Arte, and Quinquela Martin.


We chose to have lunch at El Paraiso. Its large patio preserves the original façade of La Boca. Eating a delicious “parillada” (varieties of meat that comes on a mini bbq to your table with coals and all) and “provoleta” (grilled provolone) as an appetizer. Meanwhile Kaia wondered around playing with the kittens and learning how to step up and down big steps.



DSCF5201To finish, a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice on the street.


It was another sunny Saturday in the city. Perfect day to go with the family to see Martu (Belu’s cousin) play at the “Encuentros Culturales” event on the sidewalks of Recoleta. The small sidewalk fair is next to the Café Martinez. Live artists were painting and displaying their art. Kaia joined the fun by splashing her creativity on the esels set up for children.DSCF5056.JPGDSCF5061.JPG

Unfortunately, at this point our camera died. Wandering the streets of Recoleta we saw some spectacular buildings. To Stuarts’ amazement it seemed as though every inch of every building was covered in marble: the stairs, the walls, the tables, even the toilet! Be sure to visit the Hotel Alvear to see a great example. There is definitely some big money floating around this area of Buenos Aires!

To satisfy Belu’s shopping needs, our final stop was Plaza Francia. The park has a huge weekend fair with various crafts, art, jewelry, precious stones, and live music. Kaia even got her groove on with a local swing band… Sorry again no photos.


We woke up on a Tuesday with the compulsive need for a little bit of peace and nature. So off we went to Tigre! Pato’s best friend was kind enough to lend us the key of her vacation cottage.



The moment you arrive at the river Delta and step onto the water taxi (or bus) you leave the hustle and bustle behind.


The Delta Tigre is no more than an hour from Downtown. It consists of hundreds of winding rivers and tranquil islands. Here you can find cottages for rent and cute restaurants where you can spend the day refreshing in the river. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, you can go water-skiing, wake-boarding, or canoeing.


Our time was spent relaxing in the river and playing with Kaia’s floaty. The area was so peaceful that we decided to stay for the night. Being unprepared, we had to flag down the Kiosko Boat for supplies. Surprisingly it had everything: from water to charcoal, meat, yogurt and beer! (Sometimes it’s hard to get a hold of them because they pass once a day. But don’t worry, if you need anything there are also other shops nearby to stock up).

DSCF5762Quick Tip: To go from Downtown to Tigre you can ride the train, which is fast and you don’t have to deal with traffic. Once you arrive to the station, go to the port next to McDonald’s. Here you can hop on the Boat Bus (Lancha Colectivo) and ride to any restaurant or recreation island (place where you can spend the day and bring your own food to grill). They also have information of the area and can help you to get a water taxi to a specific location.

All in all, the Delta Tigre is perfect to spend a few nights and relax. We recommend to do it on week days rather than weekends because it gets crowded.

See you next time…

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