Night At The Colon: Buenos Aires Attractions

Dec 2015

Being only 250 pesos to see the Nutcracker performed in one of worlds best Opera Houses makes it something not to miss. We took a night off from Kaia (not hard when we are surrounded by Belu’s loving family), to get artsy…


The Colon simply put is a Masterpeice from the architecture to the perfect acoustic sounds. Literally this theater is the best sounding acoustic theater in the world! Pavarotti said that the only disadvange of playing there is that everyone knows when you make a mistake.

Opening it’s doors in 1908 it was a draw of the musical elite of the world. Trying to describe the scale of beauty within the Colon is beyond me. Every detail of every surface is a piece of art. The sweeping marble staircases are overlooked by huge stained glass. Every excruciating detail is planned for magnificence. Each stone of the floor was hand picked. During the economic decline of Buenos Aires it fell into disrepair, but in 2006 they closed the doors for four years and made a full restoration.

Our seats for the equivalent of about 30$usd were good enough to see the entire stage and details of the dancers wardrobe. Prices range from 3000 pesos (private box) to 80 (standing). This offers even the most humble people of the city a chance to see a show. The ballet was entertaining, and being the first we had been to, thoroughly enjoyable.

We finished the evening with some of the best pizza I have ever eaten. Guerrin is one of the most popular and classic pizzerias in the city. Some of the dancers even showed up as we were eating! Be sure to try Faina, a chickpea flatbread with garlic that you put on top or under the pizza. Seriously try it!

I would highly recommend going to the Colon on a weekday afternoon and taking a tour. They have a English and Spanish options, and plenty of time for photos. This is the best way to really get to know the building itself. Sadly my camera died for the tour so I just had for the evening. Booking tickets online for the different shows is very easy. We hope you have the chance to visit this marvel of the world!

See you next time..

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