Top things to do in Microcentro

Dec 2015

Microcentro is like walking through a history book. Surrounded by old enormous stone and marble buildings with beautiful Spanish colonial architecture, you’d swear you were in an European city.


The Plaza de Mayo has always been the focal point of political life in Buenos Aires. This is where the process towards the country’s independence from Spain begun with the May Revolution in 1810 and ended with Argentina’s independence in 1816. In recent times you can also find the financial district around this area.

El Cabildo (the city council during the colonial era)
Banco Nación (National Bank)
La Casa Rosada (home of the executive branch of the federal government) & May Pyramid
Metropolitan City Hall

It’s best to go around sunset and walk around until early evening to avoid crowds and to see the colorful Microcentro at night.


Traditional Kiosko


A few blocks away is the Congress where thousands of people also gather to celebrate or protest changes. Among the people you can feel the strong energy and immense passion. When the flags wave and the people begin chanting your goose bumps come out and your adrenaline rises. We were lucky enough to be here during a monumental change in current Argentinean history: President Macri was sworn into office.

El Congreso (Congress)


Stuart "skin to skin" with Buenos Aires
Stuart “skin to skin” with Buenos Aires


How to get here?

The best way to get here is the Subte (subway) lines D or A until La Catedral stop. Interesting fact: The Buenos Aires Subte is the first subway system in the Spanish-speaking world.

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