Margaret River: Best Wineries and Beaches to explore

Dec 2013

Our final stop was Margaret River. A small town nestled in the SW coast of Aus. We found a sweet trailer-kind-of-house in the campsite near town. Rent was very affordable and there was even a pool. It cost cost about 150 per week and we divided that by 3 people! We got jobs at restaurants in prestigious wineries (Voyager Estate and Leeuwin Estate) where the vibes were quite mellow especially when compared with US style high-end restaurants. Minimum wage in Western Australia is around 23AUS/hr on week days, 25AUS/hr on Saturday’s, 27AUS/hr on Sunday’s and double on holidays!!  You also make some tips but is not customary.

Margaret River is a blend of interesting people. It’s an old logging town turned into a new age hippie surf town with extravagant wineries in the countryside. It has a friendly atmosphere with 5$ community curry nights. This is a budget must when a burger will put you back $20. (W/o fries! Hehe). It has a few bars like The Tavern with talented local musicians that will make you bump and grind. Don’t miss out on visiting all the wineries. Best part: their tastings are almost always free. Have your camera ready for each of their distinctive, and grand architecture. As well, there are plenty of artesian cheese, meat, chocolate and beer producers. Furthermore, every week (I want to say Sunday..?) there is a huge garage type sale put on by the local Lyon’s Club where you can find a large variety of stuff for very cheap. From a food processor to a juicer,  warm clothes, furniture and more. Ask around for the exact day, it usually runs very early in the morning for a few hours. We used to go before going to work at like 7am hehe.  And on Saturday’s don’t miss out the farmer’s market for cheap and delicious produce.

For the party people, on new year they have a big rave at an underground natural cavern near the area.

It’s useful to have a car here because distances are not close and there is a lot to see. A quality car is pretty cheap, you can get a good deal with low miles for around 1200.

The area and its surroundings are known for its huge eucalyptus woods and adventure caves! Explore the underground caves with a tour or some others allow just a headlamp for company.

With Margarita we could explore nearby towns. If you are able to get a 4×4 there are infinite trails some may even end in secret beaches.

Some of the Beaches…


A picture-perfect beach with no wind, turquoise water, where you can see the moon-rise and sun-rise.


First Baby “Bump” pic 🙂 shhh

Eagle Bay

Next to Meelup, where there are other white-sandy beaches in between big rocks.







To watch the sunset and enjoy a piece of cheesecake at the coffee shop.dscf1859



This is the part of the story where the third wheel comes in. After a few tests (due to slow learning, and bad aim) we found out this little alien was just about to start a wonderful new chapter in our lives. Stuart hid his disappointment quite well when his imaginative son Caetano turned out to be a little lady. Finding a new girlie name was too much of a hassle for us, luckily our kiwi friend Janelle stepped up and gave us Kaia. Thanks J 🙂

To be continued…



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