How to get to Lombok and the Gillies

May 2014

After our trip in Bali we went to another island from Indonesia called Lombok.

To get there the cheapest way is with the ferry and you can take your scooter with you. It was 60.000rp each. It’s important to have the yellow paper they give you with the scooter (so don’t forget to let know the guy who rents you the scooter that you will go to Lombok because if not they will not let you take it with you). Take the ferry from Padang Bai and buy the tickets at the port (not the agencies because they will charge you more with no reason).


You are going to arrive to the city of Mataram. We went straight up north to the Gili Islands. There are three islands: Gili Air, Gili T, Gili Meno. Gili T is the party island, Gili Meno the tranquil one and Gili Air is in between. We choose to go to Gili Air. To get there you need to leave your scooter in one of the parking places they offer. We found one for 10.000rp a day. Take everything with you; don’t leave anything in the scooter. We bought our ticket at the port Bangsal for 50.000rp each.

At Gili Air we stayed at The Warung Bamboo. A cabin behind a restaurant owned by a local couple that cooks incredible. We ate every single day there. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Pretty much we tried every dish from their menu and it was so fresh and delicious. You can find it walking on the main street through the middle of the island. Oh! And don’t leave without trying the best Martabak ever (kind of a very thin omelet with vegetables inside).


The snorkel in the islands is really good. The best spot is if you walk left (looking toward the island when you get there), pass all the restaurants and guesthouses, and swim for 3 to 5 minutes in. And perfect spot for sunset while drinking some nuts and listening to Jack Johnson.


Mucho Aloha,

Keiki On Board

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