Helpful Tips to Know before going to Buenos Aires

Dec 2015


Here we leave you some tips for first-time travelers..

Money exchange:

In Argentina we use pesos. You can change dollars in the airport or a better option is at the “casa de cambio” (money exchange shops) in Microcentro (there are plenty). Usually around 14 pesos for 1 usd but the market changes a lot. Check on the Internet for updates on the dollar.


You can move around by bus, subway, taxis or bicycle.

For the Bus and Subway you need to get the “SUBE” card. You can buy in most Kioskos and charge money on it, again, in the Kiosko or at the subway. Trips go around 3.5 pesos. Try to avoid the busier times at the subway, as it gets very, very crowded!! Be aware of your belongings such as hold your purse, hide you camera in a backpack, try not to use your cellphone and keep you wallet in your front pocket (for guys ;)). Its not dangerous, just be aware.

Another option is renting an Ecobici (bicycle) and going around the city through the Ciclovías (bike streets) and droping it in any other station. For more information got to:

Taxi is the most expensive choice, they charge 2 different fees, one in the day and other in the night (22hrs-6 hrs. more expensive). It’s still affordable.

There is a cool application for you phone called “Como Llego” (or website where you can put where are you, and where do you want to go, and tells you all the options by bus, subway or bike.


For additional information you can visit the following website: Here you can find the agenda of Buenos Aires for free concerts, art galleries, etc. Also, information about the history of the city as well as “The Hop On /Hop Off Bus” is for anyone who doesn’t have plenty of time to go all around by themselves and want to have a good taste of Buenos Aires culture.


There are 3 companies but we recommend Movistar or Personal. You can buy the sim card at most Kioskos or at their private stores. You can also charge money to your sim card at any Kiosko. In a month we used around 150 pesos including data, txt and talk.

Going out:

There are plenty of restaurants and bars!! A good online guide we recommend is Guia Oleo The best thing is that in Buenos Aires you can eat any food at any time!

Good luck!

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