Córdoba: Best Places to visit Traslasierra & more..

Jan 2016

With the excuse of visiting Belu’s dad, Pedro, we discovered the magical town of Yacanto. It’s a beautiful small, very small… tiny town in the Traslasierra Valley.

We woke up early in the morning, packed every space available in Rosita (our rental car), tried to fit Kaia and Martu inside (hehe) and head out!


After 10 hours and several stops to enjoy the beauty of Cordoba, especially El Cruce (The pass thought the mountains with its spectacular views!) we arrived. First stop: La Tablita (Charming restaurant of Belu’s dad) to meet “Tito” Pedro (Hawaiian for grandpa). We enjoyed a delicious dinner and Kaia met for the first time her grandpa!

Second stop: The bed. We stayed across a creek (literally across) at La Castellana, where Viviana and Fernando welcomed us in their lovely home. A small guesthouse with a flowered garden, where you can enjoy breakfast beside the creek. To have an idea, we paid around 600 pesos for a cozy adobe room with breakfast included. We splurged a little but don’t regret it.


Tip: To make it cheap there’s many places around to camp.

What to do?

Down Route 14, you go through many towns like Nono, Las Rabonas, Villa Las Rosas, San Javier and many others. There are very short distance from each other, hidden in the woods, all of them with their own unique vibe with music in the parks, fairs and events every day.



In San Janvier area, the first place we went to explore was El Puesto Carlos Ferreyra. A 3hr hike up- 2hr down between the mountains where you can see the whole valley ending up at a creek. Ask at the tourism centre how to get there (find them in every town). Another day we went to El Paso in La Quebrada de Ambrosio (Ambrosio Canyon), ideal for hot days to jump in the creek, and finished watching the sunset at El Mirador where you can drink a fresh organic juice or munch on a delicious pizza.


In Villa Las Rosas, don’t miss the fair on Thursdays and Saturdays to try their amazing street food. You’ll find all types of cuisine: from Regional to Vegetarian, Vegan, Mexican, Venezuelan, etc.

Last but not least, check out El Filo (Merlo, San Luis – 45 min from Yacanto). It’s a beautiful drive up to the peak of one of the Mountains and great place for parasailing. At the top do not miss to fill your stomach with the amazing salami and the different varieties of cheeses.  On the way, stop by Fermin, an art gallery and hand painted ceramics dinner ware, and furniture. So cute to the point that Belu went crazy to wish we had a container to ship the whole store home!


After our week in Yacanto, we left for two nights to Capilla Del Monte, where the mystic happens. You’ll see every shop, restaurant, even the welcome sign with Aliens drawings and toys. We stayed at a camping at Cerro Uritorco, next to the river but very crowded. Not our style of camping but we had a nice time playing music with our amazing musician: Martu ;). On the next day, we went for adventure to Los Terrones. A must do from the area! It’s a spectacular canyon with small waterfalls and enormous rocks where you can see all kinds of shapes (with our imagination: many faces even a gorilla!). It’s a place to spend the day but now they only allow you with a tour guide. It’s not the best way but still very worth it of doing it. Take your time and don’t let them rush you hehe..


Not to miss!

  • Try the salami, cheese, and olive oil from everywhere you go around cordoba; and their homemade bread as well is delicious!
  • Check out “Aloe” in San Javier to stock up with healthy organic snacks, produce and more. This store is awesome!
  • Try the regional alfajores and chocolate anywhere.. they will melt in your mouth.
  • Cordoba is full of home-brewers that sell their artisan beer in small shops and restaurants. Some are great, some are not. Good Luck!


And if you ever come to this area stop by La Tablita to say hi to Pedro and send him a big kiss from the three of us. Great food and wine!

In conclusion, we chose to do these few things but there are unlimited options for trekking or horse-back riding, kayaking, etc.


Until next time,

Keiki On Board

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