Buenos Aires and its Gardens

Dec 2015




Just outside the window of Pato’s apartment you have the Palermo Botanicos. Such a lovely place to take an afternoon stroll, snap some beautiful photos, or even a nap! The large gardens have walkways between hundreds of different plants from all over the world. The entrances are at Santa Fe Ave. and Armenia and at Las Heras Ave. and Republica Arabe Siria. It’s free and always open from 8-18.45 hrs.






The Japanese garden is another unique garden with a city backdrop. Although smaller it does have a tranquil lagoon with many coy fish. In the summer it is nice to finish with an ice-cream or coffee at Volta which is 2 blocks away. It’s located at Casares Ave. and Berro Adolfo Ave. The fee is only 50 pesos and opens from 10-18hrs.





This Rose garden is part from the Lagos De Palermo, a group of huge parks with lots of lakes. There are various small boats you can rent to enjoy on a hot summer day. The rose garden is immaculate with plenty of varieties of roses. Including rose trees, which were a new experience for us! Elegant bridges and gazebos throughout the parks allowed us to enjoy the nice breeze in the shade next to the lagoon while Kaia played with the quack quacks (ducks J). It was a scorching hot day when we went to the Rosedal. Definitely remember to bring water and some sunscreen!





In the same park there is a museum of art with a small coffee shop. We saw an exposition from Gaby Herbstein that was breathtaking! Extremely original and captive. We recommend for art lovers to check his stuff out.


Also, in the parks there are fun free concerts for the public by local bands.



See you next time..

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  1. pato says:

    divinas las fotos. El museo en el parque de Palermo se llama Sivori.
    esperamos que muchos nos visiten atravez de sus comentarios. Que sigan los viajes!

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