The other side of Australia: Broome and the North West

Aug 2013

The first chapter of our story…

Stuart was already settled in Broome for a few months and convinced me (Belu) to go to Australia with the working holiday visa. One of the best choices in my life J. So I got the plane ticket and head out from the concrete jungle to this amazing place called Broome. Getting a job was pretty easy. We got jobs in this immaculate resort, called Cable Beach Club, with an easygoing boss, Dave, and his beautiful wife Lindsey.


Broome is a small town in the middle of nowhere (north-west australia) with an immense beach, very long and wide. During the months of “winter”, you have perfect weather, without a single cloud in the sky where you can watch the sun set into the ocean (watching for the green flash to appear when the sun reached the ocean- apparently its something that happens) every single day.




Life changed when we met Margarita: our beautiful, efficient, giving friend. And here she is:

She was equipped with a full kitchen, queen bed, table, powerful stereo, dvd, everything!

There’s not much to do in Broom itself but the beach and the crocodile park. Lots of partying though hehe. With Margarita we used to drive around… I mean straight on the hwy surrounded by orange deserted scenery…aka “the bush”… and stop in the middle of nowhere at late night to watch the show: millions upon millions of stars above us where we were able to play the cloud game (where you imagine shapes with them) but instead with the bright shades from the galaxies. So much fun dancing under the stars…Well actually falling on the concrete because Stu wasn’t the best catcher haha, and drinking wine.dscf0076dscf0074dscf0198



Another spots to go is Gantheaume Point where you can spot dinosaurs steps……………….?? and walk around the cliffs feeling like you re in Mars. At night you can watch the staircase to the moon (a reflection that makes a staircase in the beach at low tide) and there are also Boat parties, very fun.

The fun part to start your trip here is that you can easy get a van or a simple car equipped with everything for camping for the road trip down south.



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