Around Lovina: the Dolphin Town

May 2014

On the way down to Lovina the sightseeing changed completely. It transformed into a jungle. We stopped in a few waterfalls for some bump action with our PH Gustafson 😉


But after going up and down our scooter pretty much died. So we had to push it up the steep hill. Despite the hassle, we got to meet this local who helped us by taking me in his scooter and finding us a mechanic. He even wanted to invite us for food and pay for the fixing. It was so hard to tell him no but we finally got him to agree with us. It was so strange and lovely to see how much they want you to help in exchange of the satisfaction from the good deed. We’ll never forget him.

At Lovina we went for a boat ride with many other people. It was like a race of 50 boats chasing 5 dolphins. It was quite an adrenaline experience haha. At night we went to eat to the Warung Dolphin. Here you can get really good seafood with live jam sessions.

Lovina itself it’s not that beautiful but the ride there was quiet an adventure. Also we got to enjoy some time at this nice waterfall.


Keiki On Board

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