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Welcome to Keiki On Board!

Welcome to our travel blog where you will find the best tips to travel on a low budget but living more! No matter if traveling solo or with your kids with our guides you wont break your wallet and even not only save some money but time!

A little about us…

Keiki On Board travel blog was born from our family of three: Stu, Belu and our little munchkin Kaia.

Our story began traveling in Maui, Hawaii, what we now call home. Kaia popped up while living in Australia and “bump-travelled”  with us through Indonesia and the Northwest of the USA.

Stu is the jack of all trades and photographer of our trips, very passionate with his work (he would climb the tallest tree for the perfect picture hehe). He is originally from Washington and has travelled through New Zealand, South East Asia and Australia. Belu (me) first time blog writing ?. I’m studying web development remotely while adventuring (I’m one heck of a busy mom). I travelled through Central America, USA, Australia, and Indonesia. Last but certainly not least, Kaia has travelled through Australia, Indonesia, USA, and now with the bun out of the oven she is ready to start making her own footprints starting in South America and more. She is learning more and more every day. Her current passions are dancing, animals, tomatoes, lemons, pizza and the color pink.

Our travel blog started for our families and friends to keep track of our footprints among the way. And now, dedicated for travelers and families with kids who want to discover the beauties of the world, meet the different cultures, eat local food, and discover da bomb places and stay within your budget. We’ll  also give you tips from each place we’ve been, suggestions for places to eat and secrets that worked for us along the way. Our goal is to make our budget trip the best experience.

Reading our blog you will learn:

  • How to travel for a month or more instead of a couple of weeks spending the same! Travel more spend Less!
  • How traveling with a kids is possible and stress free!
  • Find the cheapest way to travel having some luxuries (not sharing a hostel room with other 6 people or eating fast food)
  • Many travel tips to know what to do before getting to your dream travel pick

Our dream is to be able to permanently travel world wide sustained along the way by odd jobs,like in restaurants, hotels, and any gig that can help, web development and design helping small businesses and start-up grow, and who knows maybe in the future by blogging?

Follow us on our website: KeikiOnBoard.com and our Facebook page: facebook.com/KeikiOnBoard

Have fun!!


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  1. pato says:

    Stu, Belu y Kaia, les agradezco que nos permitan vivir desde la distancia estos recorridos y les deseo puedan disfrutar de cada una de las experiencias con toda felicidad.

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